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Many exciting books are coming out in 2024, perfect for book clubs. These books cover various genres, such as historical fiction, romance, literary fiction, suspense, magical realism and contemporary fiction.Some of the best book club picks address important topics or themes that spark discussion. The most impactful book club books in 2024 tackle serious issues while maintaining a sense of hope.Moreover, do not worry, if you prefer lighter reads, I also have some top romance recommendations for book clubs.No matter what your group is interested in, here are the highly rated 5-star book clubs books 2024 that I suggest (and hope to read with my own club.).10 Must-Read Book Club Books 2024The Heiress“The Heiress” is an exciting mystery/thriller with a unique twist. I read it at the start of the year and was impressed by the letter format. Initially, I doubted whether we could truly understand Ruby through her letters, but Rachel Hawkins skillfully developed her character.Cam hesitates to revisit Ashby House due to a strained relationship with extended family members & the complex McTavish legacy. However, a massive fortune awaits them, and Jules is curious about Cam’s upbringing.As they delve into family secrets, questions arise about Ruby, the infamous heiress who has been widowed four times. Cam’s return after ten years reveals why he fled Ashby House initially and why he continues to run.Funny Story “Emily Henry, a New York Times bestselling author, consistently delivers great books for book clubs. Her writing is enjoyable, light-hearted, and easy to devour, yet it also delves into deeper themes, complex emotions, and thought-provoking plots and characters a perfect blend for me.I’m currently reading “Funny Story,” and I love it. While I cannot say for certain, I believe it will be an ideal read. I’m excited to discuss it with my monthly book club.This novel is a fantastic choice for a romance-focused book club because Emily Henry skillfully subverts typical romance tropes.“Funny Story” follows Daphne, a librarian for children in Michigan. Her first love and fiancé left her for his childhood best friend, Petra. Stunned and uncertain about her next steps, Daphne finds solace with Petra’s ex, Miles.”Best Romance Novel for Book Club?Emily Henry’s books always emphasize family dynamics. In this one, we explore Daphne’s relationship with her mom. There is also personal growth and self-discovery. While it is not a second-chance romance (my favorite), it has all the ingredients for a captivating love story.I admire how Emily Henry crafts imperfect characters who take brave steps toward their dreams.”Goodbye Birdie Greenwing Goodbye Birdie Greenwing seems like an ideal book club pick for 2024. Its high Goodreads rating should make it an easy sell to your book club.The publisher describes it as a celebration of unique and quirky relationships. It is a story about our choices and how we justify them. Most importantly, it is about discovering our true selves, not who others expect us to be.Jane, from Brighton, has left behind a protective mother. Frankie, her daughter is assertive about her desires. Ada Kowalski, following her dreams in England, faces unexpected challenges.The Magic All Around “The Magic All Around” seems perfect for a 2024 book club, especially if your group enjoys magical realism.Although I have not read it yet, it feels like a book that suits my taste. It gives off vibes similar to “The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender.”The family’s connection to an old Victorian home adds intrigue it is almost like a character itself. I am eager to read this book, and I believe it should be near the top of your book club’s list for 2024.The Cemetery of Untold Stories Imagine a book club where stories come alive, and the tales of our lives are never truly finished.“The Cemetery of Untold Stories” introduces us to Alma Cruz, a writer who inherits a small piece of land in the Dominican Republic. But Alma’s twist? She transforms this land into a burial ground for her unwritten stories quite literally.Within this graveyard lie the drafts and revisions of her manuscripts, along with the characters she lays to rest. However, these characters refuse to fade away quietly. They haunt Alma, breathing life into their own narratives.Isn’t it fascinating how characters can rewrite themselves, just as we do in our own lives? We constantly reshape our stories, deciding which parts to reveal and which to bury forever.If your book club thrives on meaningful discussions and symbolism, consider adding “The Cemetery of Untold Stories” to your 2024 reading list. It is slated for publication on April 2, 2024, courtesy of Algonquin Books.I Cheerfully RefuseI always grab a Leif Enger book. One of my top recommendations is “Peace Like a River,” a must-read for everyone.Now, I am excited about “Cheerfully Refuse” because I trust Enger’s work. Although sad, it is also intriguing, relevant to our times, and deeply meaningful.The settlements along the shore are chaotic and perilous. Rainy quickly learns not to trust anyone. As infrastructure crumbles, a powerful billionaire class emerges, and society becomes lawless.Expect a beautifully written introspective tale of grief. This journey with Rainy will resonate for book club members seeking hope amidst despair.Moreover, here is the exciting part: It is reminiscent of “Station Eleven.” If it even comes close, count me as one happy reader.Wandering Stars While it is a heavy read, it promises a mix of sorrow, rage, and wonder. Although it covers several years, it reads quickly, almost like a collection of interconnected short stories. As a New York Times bestselling author tackles America’s history, this book invites reflection and discussion.Wandering Stars was published on February 27, 2024, by Knopf.Quinn’s Rise to Fame by Olivia FordThe novel unfolds through dual timelines, sharing Mrs. Quinn’s memories, including a hidden secret. Expect a sweet love story exploring grief and secrets, finding a family, and pursuing purpose at any age. Published on January 30, 2024, by Pamela Dorman Books.The Women by Kristin HannahThe Women by Kristin Hannah is an incredible historical fiction novel celebrating women as heroes. If you enjoy her work, this book will not disappoint. It has been a while since I read one of her books.The story revolves around Frances “Frankie” McGrath, a 27-year-old nursing student from Southern California. In 1965, her brother headed off to serve in Vietnam, prompting Frankie to change her life’s course. She joins the Army Nurse Corps, following in his footsteps.Amidst the chaos of war, Frankie faces immense challenges. The novel explores themes of hope, betrayal, patriotism, and women’s resilience during the Vietnam era.Expect a raw, beautiful, and heart-wrenching tale that celebrates female friendship. The Women is poised to be a standout book club choice in 2024.Published by St. Martin’s Press on February 6, 2024.Expiration Dates by Rebecca SerleExpiration Dates by Rebecca Serle shares a similar vibe to her book In Five Years. The story revolves around Daphne Bell, who has received mysterious notes for the past twenty years. Each note predicts the exact time she’ll spend with every man she meets and dates.However, when she meets Jake in Los Angeles on a blind date, the note simply says “Jake.” What does it truly signify? As Jake and Daphne’s story unfolds, secrets emerge, and Daphne grapples with the truth.This book combines romance, magical realism, and mystery, making it a perfect pick for book clubs that enjoy popular reads. Reviewers describe it as a poignant, emotional roller coaster of a love story. For the best experience, dive in without reading a lot of reviews.The Best Book Club Books 2024 These are my book club recommendations for unique and highly-rated fiction books in 2024. There are an abundance of great books out there, and we just need to find time to read them.I am excited to see what other readers choose and which books will emerge as the best book club picks on Goodreads. Personally, I am curious about debut novels let us see what other readers like.FAQsWhat are Book Club Books 2024?Book club books 2024 are novels or non-fiction works specifically chosen for discussion within a book club. These books often spark interesting conversations and allow club members to explore different themes, characters, and writing styles together.Why Should I Join a Book Club?Joining a book club provides a wonderful opportunity to connect with fellow readers, share diverse perspectives, and discover new books. It is a chance to delve deeper into literature and enjoy lively discussions.How Do I Choose a Book for My Book Club?Consider the interests of your book club members. Look for books that cover a variety of genres, themes, and writing styles. You can also take turns selecting books or vote as a group.

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