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Imagine Fern Brookbanks finally opening her dream coffee shop in Toronto, with Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” playing in the background. This song could also be the perfect tune for a cheerful and clever love story set in Canada. 

However, 32-year-old Fern will not be starting a coffee shop. Instead, she has to take care of a lakeside resort that’s not doing well, which she just got from her family on Lake Muskoka.

Fern spent her childhood there, and leaving was the biggest thing she had done until now. However, after her mom, who was a strong 55-year-old woman running the resort by herself, passes away in an accident, Fern is left to manage the resort.

She gets help from her old boyfriend from high school, Jamie, and Peter, her mom’s close friend and the resort’s head baker, who is like family to Fern and encouraged her love for music.

Then there is Will Baxter, a good-looking man her mom brought in to help save the resort. He is the same person Fern had an unforgettable night with a decade ago, but he let her down by not showing up for their next date. 

The story of “MEET ME AT THE LAKE” is filled with details about food, songs, and clothes, and it has some really funny lines, like one about an apron being as attractive as a famous actor.

The story keeps you guessing with questions like: What did Fern do when she was a teenager that was so shocking? What awful thing did she find in her mom’s diary? Moreover, why did not Will show up ten years ago? Even though this way of telling the story is predictable, it makes you want to keep reading.

What is “Meet Me at the Lake” about?

“Meet Me at the Lake” is a love story fiction novel. It follows the story of Fern Brookbanks and Will, who meet by chance in Toronto and spend one whirlwind day together. Despite their immediate attraction and deep connection, their timing is off. They make a pact to meet one year later, but only Fern shows up.

Now, years later, Fern’s life is not what she imagined, and she is running her mother’s Muskoka lakeside resort. When Will arrives nine years too late, he offers to help, but Fern wonders if she can trust him. The novel explores secrets, missed connections, and second chances.

Who is the author of “Meet Me at the Lake”?

The author of “Meet Me at the Lake” is Carley Fortune. She is also known for her other books, including “Every Summer After” and “This Summer Will Be Different” (which comes out in May 2024).

Carley is an award-winning journalist and has worked as an editor at several prominent Canadian publications. She lives in Toronto with her husband and two sons.

What genre does the book fall into?

“Meet Me at the Lake” belongs to the genres of romance, contemporary fiction, and chick lit. It is a story of secrets, missed opportunities, and second chances set against the idyllic backdrop of a family hotel on a rural lake.

What are some notable reviews or praises for the book?

Here are some praises for “Meet Me at the Lake”:

  • Katie Couric Media: “Beautiful, charming, witty, poignant, and all the things you could want in a spring read.”
  • Good Morning America: “Unputdownable, witty, soulful, and stirring.”
  • Jill Santopolo (author of “Stars in an Italian Sky”): “An exquisite, emotional read.”
  • Elena Armas (author of “The Spanish Love Deception”): “A breathtaking tale of star-crossed lovers.”
  • Ashley Poston (author of “The Dead Romantics”): “A poignant waltz between evergreen pines and heartache.”
  • Elissa Sussman (author): “A love letter to moms and daughters, as well as second chances”.

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