“Another life” by Kristin Hannah: Book Review

Another life" by Kristin Hannah

Working years of her life, Angie DeSaria set into pursuit of being a mother but that path led her to lose her marriage. The aim is to save the family business that holds special memories, despite her being adrift and solitary, Angie DeSaria heads back to her seacoast hometown in Pacific Northwest.

Lauren Ribido a graduating senior sees herself getting away from her troubled mother and receiving a degree from an Ivy League school. There is an instant bond between Angie and Lauren following the latter hiring in the family restaurant enhancing when Lauren mother abandons her leaving her in need of a permanent home.

No one could have foreseen the far reaching implications that would stem from Angie act of kindness. These two women one of whom yearns for motherhood, the other for maternal affection will be confronted with unknown difficulties that amaze the very limit of their imagination.

Another Life is Kristen Hannah adeptly written novel, a tale of force feeling hope and a bestselling international author hand. This heartbreaking story sheds light on the power of relationships and how they can change us.

In the United States, the book is published under the name The Things We Do for Love.

Quick Information

  • Title: Another Life
  • Author: Kristin Hannah
  • Published: June 27th 2023
  • Publisher: Pan Macmillan
  • Pages: 448
  • Genres:  Fiction, Historical
  • RRP: $34.99
  • Rating: 3.5 stars


The Things We Do For Love, a timeless classic published in 2004 by a skilled storyteller Kristin Hannah a novel that has been given a new title and updated cover. Having been published as Another Life by Pan Macmillan in Australia, Kristin Hannah classic continues to shed light on such themes as family issues teenage love longing choices self, discovery motherhood, parenting abandonment and the consequences

of transformative decisions. As with other works from Kristin Hannah, Another Life is a tender journey of the curious intricacies of human connections. However, the plot of Another Life revolves around Angie DeSaria a woman who despite the attainment of numerous accolades across different dimensions of life, longs for motherhood.

This dream never ends but over time it tears her marriage apart. After ending her relationship, Angie goes back to her hometown, where she stays with her sisters and helps them manage their family restaurant. As Angie begins the healing process from a broken heart two people find their way in her life and change everything.

In Angie life the teenager Lauren turns into a major figure who finds support and understanding in her kindness. When they are going through one of the most challenging periods in their lives Lauren and Angie find a deep connection that acts as a lantern for them a connection that teaches them about the true meaning of belonging. 

Being a prolific writer Kristin Hannah has a large backlist with more than twenty published books. Despite venturing into a number of her recently released publications my bold effort to investigate her entire catalogue from bygone times awaits at the horizon.

However, the idea of revisiting an antiquated production that was redesigned with a new cover and title completely refreshed me. Another Life, in its new version offered a soft and comforting read that did not bring strain but instead offered the comfort of easy and undemanding storytelling. 

Two completely different characters that Kristin Hannah introduces in Another Life set the emotional tone of the story. Through the image of an apparently privileged woman characterized by a good upbringing, education, marriage and home, Angie hidden meltdown of her failed endeavors to conceive and consequently her marital breakup emerges.

Through the development of the story, we see how Angie puts pieces of her life back together, takes a trip back home in her childhood home, and re-integrates into the family rhythm of the restaurant, which is owned and run by her sisters. Angie scenes with her family are so touching and illustrate the importance of the family ties. As I sympathized with Angie, I hoped that she would find peace even if it meant the childless state. 

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We pass to enter a teenage character Lauren life story on the verge of youth, which can be regarded as the time of misfortune. Lauren tough childhood and a chain of myriad misfortunes are a far cry from Angie background. I hated Lauren mother and was sympathetic with the conditions she fared in such a barren home.

Another Life charts Lauren personal journey of triumph over adversity and an important life choice. The genuine relationship between Angie and Lauren complicates and humanizes the story. Other supporting main characters equally give great value to Hannah compassionate storytelling. Another Life skillfully addresses the subjects of divorce, alternative romance, parchosis, destitution, and alcoholism.

I had a solid connection with Another Life and its characters though it was only a slight sense of disconnection with society’s contemporary streams. It seemed when reading the book that was published almost two decades ago, that there were some situations and responses that felt somehow old fashioned and lacking in progressive views.

Reflecting on Kristin Hannah writings from two decades ago, it was captivating to witness the author position at that time appreciating that her talent has progressed to something bigger in modern works. Although these points were made, Another Life gave me much needed rest from one of the busiest weeks.


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