How to do audiobook narrator jobs? How much do they get?


Are you curious about the audiobook narrator jobs and how muhc do they get as a salary amount. and how much they earn for bringing stories to life? Let us talk about the details about audiobook narrator jobs and how much do they get.

Audiobook Narrators’ Earnings

Audiobook narrators are the talented people who read books out loud so we can listen to them, just like we would music or podcasts. They can make a pretty penny for their work, but how much exactly?

Per Hour and Annual Earnings

Most professional narrators make between $225 to $400 for every hour of audio they finish. However, wait, it is not as simple as it sounds! It usually takes about 2 to 3 hours to record just one hour of audio. So, if we break it down, they are earning roughly $75 to $200 for each hour they work.

When we talk about how much they make in a year, it can be a lot! They might earn anywhere from $41,000 to $131,500 annually. That is a wide range, right? Well, that is because every narrator’s experience and the projects they work on can be very different.

How Do They Get Paid?

Audiobook narrators usually work as freelancers. This means they are like their own bosses and can set their own rates. They do not get paid by the hour like some jobs. Instead, they get paid based on how long the finished audiobook is. This is called “Per Finished Hour” or PFH for short.

For example, if a narrator has a rate of $300 per finished hour and records an audiobook that’s one hour long, they will get $300, no matter how long it took them to make that recording.

How to start audiobook narrator jobs

If you are just starting audiobook narrator jobs, you might have to accept lower rates at first. This helps you gain experience and build up a portfolio of your work. Beginners often earn between $10 to $100 per finished hour.

What skills do you need to be an audiobook narrator?

To be an audiobook narrator, you will need a mix of skills that help you bring stories to life through your voice. Here are some key skills that are important:

  1. Public Speaking: Being comfortable with speaking out loud is essential. It helps you articulate words clearly and confidently.
  2.  Voice, Tone, Inflection: Your voice is your main tool. Knowing how to use different tones and inflexions can make characters and scenes more believable.
  3.  Acting Ability: Taking acting classes can be beneficial. They teach you how to express emotions and personality through your voice.
  4.  Self-Awareness: Understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a narrator helps you improve and take on the right projects
  5.  Research Skills: You should be able to research the books you are reading, understand the characters, and the author’s intent
  6.  Pronunciation and Articulation: Clear speech is crucial. You need to pronounce words correctly so listeners understand them easily.
  7.  Stamina and Endurance: Narrating can take hours, so you need to maintain a consistent energy level throughout the recording session
  8.  Versatility: Being able to switch between different characters, accents, and narrative tones is a valuable skill for a narrator

What are some common mistakes to avoid as a narrator?

As an audiobook narrator, avoiding common mistakes can make a big difference in the quality of your narration. Here are some key things to watch out for:

  1. Distracting Background Noises: Always record in a quiet environment to prevent unwanted sounds from being picked up by the microphone
  2.  Boring Audition Introductions: Your audition clip is your chance to make a great first impression. Make sure it is engaging and showcases your skills.
  3.  Poorly Named MP3 Files: Organize and label your files clearly. This makes it easier for everyone involved in the production process.
  4.  Echoes and Unclear Audio: Invest in good recording equipment and acoustics to ensure your audio is crisp and clear
  5.  Being Passive About Your Career: Take an active role in marketing yourself and seeking out new opportunities.
  6.  Not Preparing Enough: Do not wait until you’re in the booth to familiarize yourself with the material. Practice reading aloud and understanding the content before recording.


Involving in audiobook narrator jobs can be a fun and rewarding audiobook narrator jobs. You get to read books out loud and get paid for it! The pay can be really good, especially as you gain more experience and work on bigger projects. So, if you love reading and have a nice voice, this could be the perfect audiobook narrator jobs for you.


How much money do audiobook narrators make? 

Audiobook narrators can earn between $200 to $400 for each hour of audio they complete. However, remember, it takes time to record, so they do not make this in just one hour of work!

Do famous narrators earn more? 

Yes, big-name narrators or celebrities can earn much more, sometimes over $1,000 per hour.

What does ‘per finished hour’ mean? 

This means that the narrator gets paid for each hour of the final audiobook. So if an audiobook is 5 hours long, they get paid for 5 hours, no matter how long it took to record.

Can beginners make good money, too? 

Beginners usually earn less, around $10 to $100 per finished hour. As they gain experience, they can charge more.

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