YA Romance Books like Red White and Royal Blue


If you are a fan of the heartwarming and humorous “Red, White & Royal Blue,” you are in for a treat with these young adult (YA) romance books like red white and royal blue that share similar themes. Whether it is the charm of royal romances, the thrill of a fake dating scheme, or the drama of love that defies family expectations.There is a book out there that will capture your heart just as novel of Casey McQuiston’s did. Here are a few recommendations of books like red white and royal blue to get you started on your next romantic adventure:List of books like red white and royal blueIn this article, i have mentioned a list of books like red white and royal blue; have a look:Cafe Con Lychee”It is a book about two boys, Theo and Gabi. They both help their parents in their family businesses, a cafe and a bakery, which are competitors. Theo wants to leave his town and go to college, and Gabi is not happy because he has to play soccer when he really loves dancing. When a new cafe starts in town, it causes trouble for both their shops of the family.So, Theo comes up with a plan to sell special food at school to help their businesses. However, he hurts his wrist, and Gabi has to help him out. As they work together, they start to like each other more. It is a story about how sometimes people who seem very different can actually get along and help each other.If This Gets Out”It is a story about two boys, Ruben and Zach, who are in a famous music group called Saturday. They travel around Europe to perform, which is very busy and tiring. Ruben tells Zach a secret: he likes boys, but their managers tell them to keep it a secret.As they spend a lot of time together, Ruben and Zach start to like each other more than just friends. They want to be honest with their fans about who they are, but they know it will be hard because their managers do not want them to. It is a book about friendship, being true to yourself, and love.“A Little Bit Country”It is about a boy named Emmett who loves country music and dreams of being a famous singer. He goes to Tennessee to sing at a theme park for the summer. There, he meets Luke, who does not like country music because it causes problems for his family. Luke works at a restaurant in the theme park to help pay for his medical bills of mother.Emmett and Luke start liking each other, but they find out a big secret about their families that could change everything. The story shows how Emmett and Luke learn about themselves and each other while trying to be happy.“They Hate Each Other”It is a book about two boys, Jonah and Dylan, who do not like each other at all. They are very different and always argue. However, after a big mistake at a school dance, everyone thinks they like each other. So, they pretend to be boyfriends to show everyone they really do not like each other.They plan to have a big fake fight to end their fake relationship. However, as they spend more time together, they start to understand each other better and their feelings change. It is a story about how sometimes, people who think they are enemies can become friends or even fall in love.“The Prince & the Apocalypse”It is a book about an American girl named Wren who is stuck in London. She meets a boy who looks like Prince Theo, who is hiding from his mom and the news people. They find out that a big space rock is coming to Earth and everything might end in eight days. Wren and the prince make a deal: she will help him get to his family’s place in Santorini, and he will help her get a plane back to her family.They travel through Europe, trying to get to Santorini, but lots of things go wrong. Along the way, they start to like each other. The book is about their adventure and finding out what is really important when there is not much time left.“The (Un)Popular Vote”It is a book about a boy named Mark. dad of Mark is a big politician, but he does not understand Mark very well. Mark is transgender, which means he was born a girl but knows he is really a boy. Mark’s dad wants him to keep this a secret. Mark moves to a new school and tries to stay quiet, but he does not like seeing things that are unfair.When a student running for class president says mean things, Mark decides to run against him to show everyone what is right. Mark learns a lot about being honest and being a leader. He also starts liking someone, which makes things more interesting. The book is about Mark trying to do what he believes is right, even when it is hard.“American Royals”It is a book that imagines if America had a royal family instead of presidents. The story is about Princess Beatrice who is going to be the first queen of America. She has to find a prince to marry, but it is hard because she can only marry certain people.Her sister and brother, Samantha and Jefferson, also have their own stories. Samantha has a best friend named Nina, who is not royal, and Jefferson has an ex-girlfriend named Daphne who wants to be a princess. The book is about love, secrets, and the lives of these young royals.“If You Still Recognize Me”It is a book about a girl named Elsie who has a big crush on her friend Ada. Ada understands Elsie more than anyone else, but they have never met because Ada lives far away across the ocean. Elsie wants to tell Ada how she feels, but then her old best friend Joan comes back into her life.This makes Elsie’s summer very interesting because she has to fix old friendships and make new ones. She learns that she has more friends than she thought and now she has to choose what to do next.Clementine and Danny Save the World (and Each Other)It is a book about two teenagers, Clementine and Danny. Clementine likes to write about tea shops and her neighbourhood on her blog. Danny is sad to see his neighbourhood change because new businesses are coming in. They both care a lot about their community, mainly the tea shop that family of Danny owns.One day, a big company wants to close the tea shop, and Clementine and Danny decide to work together to save it.They also start to like each other, but they do not know that they have been arguing on the internet for a long time without knowing who the other person really is. The story is about how they try to save their neighbourhood and find out more about each other.FAQsWhat are books like red white and royal blue?Books like red white and royal blue are stories that often have romance, humour, and sometimes a royal or political twist. They usually involve characters who fall in love in unexpected ways.Can you give me examples of such books?Yes, some examples are “They Both Die At The End” by Adam Silvera, “Heartstopper” by Alice Oseman, and “The Song of Achilles” by Madeline Miller.Why do people like these books?People enjoy these books because they have interesting stories and lovable characters. They also often talk about important topics like love, identity, and being true to yourself.Are these books only about romance?No, not only romance. They also include friendships, personal growth, and sometimes adventures or mysteries.Where can I find these books?You can find these books at bookstores, libraries, or online. Sometimes you can also read them as e-books or listen to them as audiobooks.


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