Confess a novel written by Colleen Hoover: Book Review

Confess by Colleen Hoover

Title Confess

Author Colleen Hoover

Published December 1st 2021

Publisher Simon and Schuster

Pages 320

Genres Fiction Contemporary Romance

RRP $19.99

Rating 5 stars

Auburn Reed gives herself a very detailed plan of the future having clear goals and a desire to avoid any mistakes. However, when she enters an art studio in Dallas looking for a job a strange and powerful love relationship is born between her and Owen Gentry the mysterious artist.

In a case of uncharacteristic spontaneity, Auburn follows her heart only to find that Owen was keeping a lot of secrets. His hidden history is very heavy threatening Auburn dearest possessions. In an attempt to take back the control, she considers cutting off the ties with Owen.

Desperate to keep Auburn in his life, Owen faces the challenge of trying to show her that the truth is as relative as art. Although a simple confession could save their relationship, the disclosure is more destructive than original offense.


Prepare yourself to experience a rollercoaster ride of emotions with the modern day romance masterpiece Confess by Colleen Hoover. This novel will definitely break your heart and then very gently it will mend it.

Tenderness, mystery, passion and undeniable soul Confess is a very impressive example of Colleen Hoover storytelling skills. In this latest work she narrates a tragic yarn of love and family, a sad and interconnected story that will stay in the mind longer.

Dive into the world of Auburn Reed, a young girl whose life is shattered by the loss of a beloved person. As Auburn tries to put her life back together, the societal norms burden her. An encounter with an artist during her job search triggers an unstoppable change.

The heart of Auburn is intertwined with the troubled spirit of Owen, the mysterious artist, which creates an automatic bond. But Owen holds a very vital secret that undermines their developing romance. The only way to keep their love intact is to separate. Will Owen find the strength to reveal the ghostly truth or will let Auburn into the dark recesses of his life?

The third time I venture into a Colleen Hoover world is Confess. As my review pile kept growing, I could not help myself but dive into another CoHo novel after just finding out about this talented author. Released in 2015 Confess is currently enjoying a revival, courtesy of Colleen Hoover TikTok fame. I am also thankful for the chance to enjoy Confess a great feature read that still really resonates with me.

The structure of Confess resonated with me on a much deeper level because it was structured in two parts with twenty four chapters in total. With an intriguing prologue and an also exciting conclusion, the plot skillfully dips into the past, revealing episodes from five years ago that determine the core of the story.

The alternating viewpoints of the characters brought a dynamic element to the storytelling which I found very interesting. When I finished Confess and considered my reading experience for this review, I realized that the real life confessions from readers were embedded in the novel in such a way that it added a sense of authenticity and power to the story.

This discovery greatly increased my admiration for the story, and I congratulate Colleen Hoover for adding such a rare and positive element to the whole affair. Besides, the real inclusion of the street art by Danny O’Connor which complies with the creative product of the protagonist Owen has added another layer to the story.

The collaboration with O’Connor did not only reveal the ingenuity and stylishness of Hoover but also it changed the mood of this subtle story making it a very engaging and also multilayered reading.

Owen becomes a very fascinating and respectable love object in the story. His life story was very touching for me and his honest and kind attempts to impress Auburn were entirely very genuine. The image of Owen that was painted on the pages of Confess revealed a boy who was tough and I also liked the honesty with which his character was developed.

The way Owen was so determined to fight for Auburn despite everything made him a very noble figure. His actions said it all and I found them to be very inspiring. In Auburn we meet a young man with a stubborn fighting spirit, the choices and actions I admired. Auburn selflessness which is manifested in different facts of her life made her character even more interesting for me.

The chemistry between Auburn and Owen described by Hoover is very sizzle on the pages reflecting the intensity and the passion of their relationship. This angst filled love story is made all the more complex by a captivating villain. 

The novel Confess provides a powerful story that swept me away in the whirlwind of extreme highs and also lows. Colleen Hoover takes them on a journey of everlasting love, family bonds, and also courage that does not falter. Hoover storytelling drew me in and I read her novel in just one sitting. Add Confess to your must read list.

Colleen Hoover novel Confess published by Simon and Schuster on December 1, 2021. 

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