Review: Icebreaker Book by Hannah Grace

icebreaker book

It sweeps you into a world of passion, ambition, and personal growth. Icebreaker Book by Hannah Grace is a compelling romance novel that navigates the complexities of young love, competitive sports, and the journey toward self-discovery. 

With well-drawn characters and an engaging plot, Icebreaker Book is a must-read for fans of contemporary romance.


The story centres around Anastasia Allen, a figure skater with Olympic aspirations, and Nathan Hawkins, the star hockey player at their university. Anastasia, or Stassie, is focused on her rigorous training schedule and is determined to achieve her dreams despite the many obstacles in her way. 

Nathan, on the other hand, is equally committed to his hockey career but finds himself drawn to the disciplined and driven Stassie.

Their paths cross when a miscommunication leads to the figure skating team’s ice time being cut short, causing tension between the skaters and the hockey players. As they navigate this conflict, Stassie and Nathan discover a mutual respect and, eventually, a deeper connection that challenges their initial perceptions of each other.

How are the characters in Icebreaker Book

Hannah Grace excels in creating multi-dimensional characters who are relatable and flawed. Stassie is portrayed as a strong and determined young woman, but her vulnerability and the pressure she faces in her sport add depth to her character. 

Her journey is not just about achieving her skating goals but also about finding balance in her life and understanding her own worth beyond her athletic achievements.

Nathan is more than just the stereotypical charming athlete. He is kind, supportive, and struggles with his own set of challenges. His relationship with Stassie evolves from one of rivalry to genuine affection, demonstrating his growth as he learns to open up and be more than just the hockey star.

The supporting characters, including Stassie’s best friend and fellow skater, provide additional layers to the story. Their interactions and subplots enrich the main narrative, offering a fuller picture of the protagonists’ lives and the environment they navigate.

Icebreaker Book’s Theme

Icebreaker Book explores several significant themes, such as the pressures of competitive sports, the importance of mental health, and the journey toward self-acceptance. 

Stassie’s struggles with perfectionism and the fear of failure resonate with anyone who has faced high expectations, whether self-imposed or external.

The novel also highlights the dynamics of teamwork and the importance of finding support systems in unexpected places. Stassie’s relationship with Nathan and her eventual integration with the hockey team underscores the value of community and the strength that comes from mutual understanding and respect.

How well Icebreaker Book is written

Hannah Grace’s writing is engaging and accessible, with a balance of humour, emotion, and tension that keeps readers invested in the story. Her descriptions of the ice rink and the physicality of both figure skating and hockey are vivid, bringing the sports to life in a way that is both informative.

The dialogue is another strong point, capturing the personalities of the characters and their evolving relationships. Grace has a knack for creating conversations that feel natural and authentic, adding to the overall realism of the story.

Structure of Icebreaker Book

The pacing of Icebreaker is well-executed, with a steady build-up of tension and romance that keeps the reader hooked. The alternating perspectives of Stassie and Nathan allow for a deeper understanding of their individual thoughts and feelings, enriching the narrative and creating a more immersive experience.

The structure of the novel, with its blend of personal and professional challenges, ensures that the plot remains dynamic and engaging. Grace skillfully balances the romantic elements with the protagonists’ individual journeys, making for a well-rounded and satisfying read.


Icebreaker Book by Hannah Grace is a delightful and heartfelt romance that captures the complexities of young love and the pressures of competitive sports. With its well-developed characters, engaging plot, and thoughtful exploration of important themes, it stands out as a noteworthy addition to contemporary romance literature.


What is the main theme of Icebreaker Book?

The main theme of Icebreaker revolves around personal growth, the pressures of competitive sports, and the journey toward self-acceptance.

Who are the main characters in Icebreaker Book?

The main characters are Anastasia Allen, a determined figure skater, and Nathan Hawkins, a star hockey player at their university.

How does Icebreaker Book explore the theme of mental health?

Icebreaker addresses mental health through Stassie’s struggles with perfectionism and the pressure to succeed, highlighting the importance of balance and self-worth beyond athletic achievements.

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