The Night Swim Reviews by Megan Goldin 

night swim review

It grabs you from the very first page. The Night Swim Reviews is a compelling and thought-provoking thriller that masterfully intertwines the harrowing experiences of its characters with the dark side of public perception and the justice system.


The story follows Rachel Krall, a popular true-crime podcast host, as she covers a high-profile rape trial in the small town of Neapolis. Rachel is no stranger to controversy and intense scrutiny, but this case differs. 

The trial involves the town’s golden boy, a champion swimmer accused of raping a high school student. 

As Rachel delves deeper into the case, she begins receiving mysterious letters from a woman named Hannah, begging her to investigate the death of her sister, Jenny, which occurred twenty-five years earlier.


Megan Goldin uses a dual narrative structure, alternating between Rachel’s present-day investigation and Hannah’s letters recounting the past. This approach effectively builds suspense and keeps the reader engaged, as each storyline reveals crucial information and adds layers to the central mystery. 

The contrast between the modern-day courtroom drama and the tragic past creates a rich tapestry of intrigue and emotion.

Rachel’s podcast episodes, interspersed throughout the book, add a unique dimension to the narrative. These segments provide insights into Rachel’s character and motivations and highlight the media’s pervasive impact on public opinion and the judicial process. 

The podcast format is a clever device that lends authenticity to the story, making readers feel like they are part of Rachel’s audience, eagerly awaiting the next revelation.


The Night Swim delves deep into themes of trauma, justice, and the power dynamics inherent in sexual assault cases. Goldin does not shy away from depicting the brutal realities of rape and its aftermath, making the novel a sometimes difficult but necessary read. 

The book raises important questions about victim-blaming, the influence of wealth and status on legal outcomes, and the often unjust treatment of survivors within the judicial system.

Hannah’s letters, which detail the events leading up to Jenny’s death, are particularly poignant. Through Hannah’s voice, Goldin explores the long-lasting effects of unresolved trauma and the desperation for closure. 

These letters provide a stark contrast to the often clinical and detached environment of the courtroom, reminding readers of the human lives forever altered by these crimes.


Rachel Krall is a well-drawn protagonist, driven by a deep sense of justice and a personal connection to the cases she covers. Her determination to uncover the truth, despite the risks to her own safety, makes her a relatable and compelling character. 

Rachel’s interactions with the people of Neapolis, especially those directly involved in the trial, reveal her empathy and her journalistic integrity.

How Is It written?

Goldin’s writing is sharp and evocative, with a keen eye for detail. Her descriptions of Neapolis create a vivid sense of place, immersing readers in the small-town atmosphere. The pacing is expertly handled, with each chapter building tension and revealing new puzzle pieces. 

The alternating timelines are well-balanced, ensuring that neither storyline overshadows the other.

One of the Night Swim’s strengths is its ability to maintain suspense throughout. Goldin skillfully doles out information, keeping readers guessing until the very end. 


The Night Swim is a gripping and emotionally charged thriller that tackles difficult subjects with sensitivity and insight. Megan Goldin has crafted a novel that is not only a page-turner but also a poignant commentary on justice and the power of storytelling. 

It is a book that will stay with you long after you turn the final page, challenging you to think about the stories we tell and the ones we choose to ignore.


Is The Night Swim suitable for all readers?

Due to its graphic depiction of sexual assault and mature themes, The Night Swim is recommended for mature readers who are comfortable with difficult subject matter.

Does The Night Swim focus more on the courtroom drama or the investigation?

The novel balances both aspects, with the courtroom drama supporting Rachel Krall’s investigation into the historical case presented through Hannah’s letters.

What makes Rachel Krall a compelling protagonist?

Rachel’s dedication to uncovering the truth and her empathy and journalistic integrity make her a relatable and engaging character.

How does Megan Goldin address the theme of victim-blaming in the novel?

Goldin highlights the unfair treatment of survivors within the judicial system and societal prejudices that contribute to victim-blaming, making it a central theme of the book.

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