Book review: Simply Lies by David Baldacci

Simply Lies

David Baldacci, one of my favourite authors, has written captivating books like The Memory Man (Amos Decker) and the Atlee Pine series. His latest work, Simply Lies, could stand alone as a novel, but I suspect we will encounter the data analyst and former cop Mickey Gibson again for several reasons.

After a painful divorce, Mickey Gibson, a former detective from New Jersey, now works for the global investigation company ProEye. Her job involves tracking down wealthy individuals who refuse to pay their debts. Although she misses police work, her new role as the sole caregiver for her two young children takes precedence.

Arlene Robinson, who says she works with ProEye, sends Mickey to check out an old house that was said to belong to a famous ex-weapons seller. There, Mickey finds a shocking thing: a body that has been there for a very long time, hidden away in a secret spot.

As the cops look into it, they realise that ProEye does not have anyone named Arlene Robinson working for them, and the house that was supposed to be Novak’s is not real. The dead man is actually Daniel Pottinger, a rich guy from the area who kept to himself.

Now, a fascinating chase starts between the two ladies. It shows us more about Gibson, but even more about the enigmatic woman who has no identity, no sense of right and wrong, and cannot feel for others. She is so good at talking that she can make anyone believe anything.

Mickey, a single mother, has an intriguing backstory. She has uncovered hidden bank accounts and taken steps to shut them down. After her husband have not seen, leaving her in financial trouble, she transitioned to the private sector. Mickey’s job involves tracking money and people, and her impressive computer skills make her a white-hat hacker. The fact that she cannot find her missing husband hints at a deeper mystery.

Arlene, who goes by Clarissa, tricks Mickey into participating in a search for missing money and murder investigation. They work together but separately, never crossing paths. Clarissa seems to harbor anger toward Mickey, suggesting a shared history and a desire to outwit her.

When Baldacci shifts to Clarissa’s point of view, it takes a moment to adjust, but he skillfully clarifies whose perspective we are in. Clarissa is a captivating character who is involved in various scams. She blackmails, but her other exploits reveal cunning and moral ambiguity.

Baldacci adds depth through Mick’s parents (her father is a former cop) and Clarissa’s agenda. The plot also delves into money laundering, mobsters, and witness protection.

While the technology jargon (blockchain, NFTs, metaverses) confused me a bit, I appreciate Baldacci’s ability to incorporate modern advancements. Despite my lack of understanding, the core mystery remains clear, with surprises along the way—a reminder to be cautious about trust.

I genuinely liked Mickey. Her complex background and hints about starting her own business leave me eager to encounter her again (and perhaps her partner, too, wink wink). 


What is ‘Simply Lies’ about? 

“Simply Lies” is a book by David Baldacci. It’s a thrilling story filled with suspense and unexpected twists.

Who wrote ‘Simply Lies’? 

The author of “Simply Lies” is David Baldacci, who is known for his gripping novels.

Where can I find a review of ‘Simply Lies’? 

You can read a review of “Simply Lies” on the website

How long is the book ‘Simply Lies’? 

The book “Simply Lies” has a word count of 600+ words, making it a fairly quick read.

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