What is Stuff Your Kindle Day 2024? 

stuff your kindle day

If you have recently checked out BookTok, you may have encountered discussions about “Stuff Your Kindle Day.” On this day, you can download a large number of e-books from Amazon at no cost.

Even though it seems unbelievable, this event is real and has been happening for nearly ten years. Writer Zoe York started it. It’s a special day when writers offer their books for free, just for one day. This helps them share their work with more people and allows readers to add many new books to their digital libraries without paying.

Here is all the information you need about “Stuff Your Kindle Day” and tips on how to get your hands on some excellent books for free.

What is Stuff Your Kindle Day?

“Kindle Filling Day began in 2014, initiated by romance writer Zoe York. She collaborates with independent authors to offer their books at no cost to everyone on a specific day.

This event, which focuses on romance literature, occurs four times annually and has been ongoing for a decade. Other platforms have also started hosting comparable events for various book types.

Although the event mainly features romance books, it includes a selection of non-romance and non-fiction works as well.

No matter your preferred genre, there is likely a Kindle Filling Day event that will cater to your reading tastes.

When is Stuff Your Kindle Day 2024?

The schedule for Zoe York’s Romance Stuff Your Kindle Day for 2024 is still to be determined. However, other sites have shared their plans to host similar events in April 2024.

Here are the set dates:

  • April 23: Romance books
  • April 25: Cozy mystery books
  • April 27: Witchy-themed books

More book genres will be included, but their specific dates for 2024 are not yet public. Last year, there were four different Stuff Your Kindle Day events, and this pattern is likely to continue into the current year.

To discover the available books for each day, visit the websites Romance Book Lovers, Cozy Mystery Book Lovers, and Witchy Bookworms on the dates mentioned above to see the complete book listings.

How does Stuff Your Kindle Day work?

On each designated day for Stuff Your Kindle, you can acquire books at no cost on Amazon.

To locate these complimentary books, visit the designated website for each book category. There, you will find a list of all the free books, along with a short description to help you choose the right one for you. Each book will have a link that takes you to its Amazon page, where you can get it without charge.

Alternatively, you can search directly on Amazon. Sort the books by price to discover the free ones. Although the event is named after Kindle, it is open to all types of e-readers, including Apple Books, Kobo, and Google Play.

To participate in Stuff Your Kindle Day, you do not require an Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited subscription. All you need is a basic Amazon account and a device capable of reading, such as a tablet or any gadget with the Kindle app installed.

Remember to purchase the books for those with Kindle Unlimited instead of accessing them through the subscription. This way, they remain yours forever, rather than just for 20 days.

Will there be any bestsellers available?

The exact titles of the books offered for free during Stuff Your Kindle Day remain undisclosed until the event itself. Also, the promotion has been limited to books by independent authors.

Nonetheless, Zoe York, the event’s creator and a renowned author of romance novels, typically offers her own works at no cost on these special days. It is uncertain which additional authors may choose to join in.

How can I find out which books are available on this day?

To find out which books are available for free on Stuff Your Kindle Day, you can:

  • Visit the specific website for each genre. These websites will list all the free e-books available, along with a short description of each, so you can easily find what interests you.
  • Go directly to Amazon on the day of the event. You can filter the books by price to find the ones offered for free.

What popular books were available on previous Stuff Your Kindle Days?

Stuff Your Kindle Day is an exciting event for book lovers, offering a wide range of free e-books to fill their digital libraries. Here are some popular books that have been featured during previous Stuff Your Kindle Days:

  1. Queen of Roses (Blood of a Fae, #1) by Briar Boleyn
  2. Enemies with Benefits (Loveless Brothers #1) by Roxie Noir
  3. Love, Theoretically by Ali Hazelwood
  4. The Coven of Ruin (Coven of Ruin #1) by T.K. Tucker
  5. Fourth Wing (The Empyrean, #1) by Rebecca Yarros
  6. Gravebriar by Casey L. Bond
  7. Happy Place by Emily Henry
  8. The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood
  9. The Fine Print (Dreamland Billionaires, #1) by Lauren Asher
  10. Final Offer (Dreamland Billionaires, #3) by Lauren Asher


What is it? 

It is a day when authors give away their e-books for free on Amazon, allowing readers to fill up their digital libraries.

Who started it? 

Zoe York, a romance author, created this event in 2014 to help authors promote their work and delight readers with free books.

When does it happen?

The event occurs four times a year, with specific dates for different genres. The romance genre dates for 2024 have not been announced yet.

How to get free books? 

Visit the genre-specific websites or Amazon on the event day, find the book you like, and download it for $0.00. No Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited account is needed, just a standard Amazon account.

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