12 DIY Book Nook Kits That Add An Extra Dose of Magic to Your Shelves

book nook kit

Book nooks are like secret doorways into miniature worlds. Imagine a tiny scene nestled right between your books that you should, which invites you to step into a realm. These decorative pieces create the illusion of a gateway to another dimension, and they are all the rage on social media.

Why Book Nooks?

Here is the reason

  1. Book nooks transport you beyond the ordinary. They are like little escapes from reality, where imagination takes centre stage.
  2.   Whether you are a seasoned crafter or a beginner, you can tailor book nooks to your liking. Make them match your favorite books or create cozy scenes like a bookshop or a magical forest.
  3.   You have options! You can buy pre-made book nook kits from talented creators on platforms like Etsy or Amazon. Also, if you are feeling crafty, grab a book nook kit and create your own magical masterpiece.

12 Book Nook Kit List

Here are some book noot kit, that you should know:

  1. Elk Forest: Picture a serene woodland paradise through your bookshelf. The Elk Forest book nook captures this style beautifully. The price is ($91).
  2.   Cyber World: Sci-fi lovers, this one is for you! Cyber World combines cyberpunk vibes with shadow and light aesthetics. It is the ultimate escape ($108).
  3.   Pastel Countryside: Add a whimsical countryside vibe with this pastel-colored beauty. It features potion bottles, a broom of witch, and a mysterious black cat in ($110).
  4.   Magical Pharmacy: Imagine a tiny apothecary with potion ingredients, a a broom of witch, and a curious cat. The Magical Pharmacy book nook is pure enchantment in ($77).
  5.   Up-Inspired: Remember the movie “Up”? This book nook kit paints a scene with some bright colours and a levitated house by balloons ($90).
  6.   Alice in Wonderland: Dive into Wonderland with this intricate book nook. Alice stands before the Queen of Hearts, surrounded by playing cards, when the White Rabbit watches. Estimated assembly time: 10+ hours in ($50).
  7.   Game of Thrones: Peep the Iron Throne in this themed book nook. Perfect for adding dimension to your GoT collection in ($97).
  8.   Garden House: Nestled between books, the Garden House book nook features “glass” panels and an openable window. It is equally at home on a table in ($60).
  9.   Sunshine Town: Bright and cheery, Sunshine Town boasts a bookshop and a coffee shop. Who would not want to visit in ($50).
  10.   Notre Dame: This book nook includes iconic Notre Dame architecture. A woman dances in the church while a lonesome figure watches from the rafters. Get Parisian vibes in ($55).
  11.   Secret Garden: Imagine a hidden oasis within your bookshelf. The Secret Garden book nook features lush greenery, a tiny bench, and a delicate wrought-iron gate. It is where fairies might gather for tea. ($65)
  12.   Steampunk Workshop: For lovers of gears, cogs, and Victorian aesthetics, the Steampunk Workshop book nook is a masterpiece. It boasts intricate machinery, a clock tower, and a sense of adventure. ($80)

Moreover, there you have it! Twelve magical book nooks to transform your shelves into portals of wonder.


What glue should I use for a DIY book nook kit?

For collecting your book nook, consider using craft glue or hot glue. These adhesives provide a strong bond and work well with miniature materials.

What size is a book nook kit?

Book nooks come in various sizes, but a common dimension is approximately 6 inches wide, 8 inches tall, and 2 inches deep. However, you can customize the size based on your bookshelf space.

Where can I find a Harry Potter book nook?

You can find Harry Potter-themed book nooks on platforms like Etsy, where talented creators offer pre-made or DIY kits inspired by the magical world of Hogwarts.

Where can I find fantasy book nooks?

To explore fantasy-themed book nooks, check out online marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, or speciality craft stores. Search for terms like “fantasy book nook” or “enchanted book nook.”

How do I light a book nook?

Adding lighting enhances the charm of your book nook. Use LED string lights or miniature battery-powered lamps. Position them strategically to create cozy illumination within your scene.


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