‘Divine Rivals’ by Rebecca Ross

divine rivals

I have received many great book suggestions from BookTok, the part of TikTok that loves books, before. However, the recent ones have been very disappointing. They were just awful. Because of this, I have been hesitant to believe the excitement around Kindle Unlimited and BookTok. I am still upset about being misled into buying a popular hockey romance story.

However, when I noticed several posts praising “Divine Rivals” by Rebecca Ross, the first book in her “Letters of Enchantment” series, it caught my interest. I was so curious that I downloaded the book and finished reading it in just two days.

The fantasy romance story about enemies turning into lovers is labelled as a young adult (YA) book, but the characters are just over 18, so I’m not sure if it fits. It took me a little while to get interested in it because the setting and background details were not fully developed. The powerful mythical forces that are supposed to be important to the story seem like they were added as an afterthought.

The story’s world is similar to London during World War II, but it is different. Magic is part of some everyday things, but not everything. For example, why do grocery store shelves have magic, but the newspaper office does not have a teapot that refills itself? Moreover, why can’t Iris and her mother have everlasting candles?

There are gods and goddesses causing huge wars, yet not everyone believes in them. All this made the story’s world confusing and hard to imagine.

However, the two main characters, young journalists who are rivals but fall in love because of a magical bond, are so well-written that I stopped worrying about the story’s setting. In fact, “Divine Rivals” is a great example of a story that is memorable because of its characters.

The world-building does not improve, but Iris and Roman’s relationship is so strong that it does not matter; they could be in any setting, and their story would still be interesting.

This book is full of emotion and is great for fans of stories where enemies become lovers. My only complaint is that the second book is not available yet. It is frustrating to be left waiting after such a suspenseful ending.

I am so eager to read the next book, “Ruthless Vows,” that I might send my husband to find it for me, just like in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Some Questions

What is “Divine Rivals” about?

“Divine Rivals” is the first book in the Letters of Enchantment series. It is an epic enemies-to-lovers fantasy novel filled with hope, heartbreak, and the unparalleled power of love.

What genre does “Divine Rivals” belong to?

“Divine Rivals” falls into the genres of fantasy romance, young adult, and historical fiction. It combines elements of Greek mythology and World War I.

What makes this book unique?

The enchanting typewriters, gods battling, and slow-burn romance between Iris and Roman add a magical twist to the historical setting.

What can readers expect from the writing style and world-building?

The book reads like historical fiction, with glimpses of fantasy woven in. Rebecca Ross evokes a 1940s war-era setting, making it feel both familiar and unique.

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