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I just read “Rock Paper Scissors Book” by Alice Feeney, a book full of mysteries and plots. I guessed the ending early on because it was kind of obvious. I noticed some hints that made me think I was right, and I would like to talk about them and give my thoughts on the book too.

Also, I watched “The Village” from 2004 recently. My boyfriend thought I’d be shocked to find out at the end (spoiler alert for this old movie) that it was not set in the 1800s, but actually in modern times with all the technology like cars and the internet. 

But I was not surprised at all, which was a letdown for him. Sorry, nut I guess the clues that helped me figure out “The Village” also helped me with “Rock Paper Scissors Book.”

I may not be a detective, but I have been reading a lot since I was young, and I studied English in college. Let’s use what I have learned.

What happens?

Let us sum up the rock paper scissors book’s big surprises. The love letters we thought were from Adam’s current wife, Amelia, were actually from his ex-wife, Robin. Amelia copied Robin to take over her life and marry Adam.

Robin went to live with her dad in Scotland, who is a famous writer that Adam admires. Before her dad passed away, Robin tricked Adam and Amelia into coming to a faraway place in Scotland because she wanted to get back at them. She planned to either get Adam back or hurt them both.

In a shocking twist, it turns out Amelia was blamed for a car accident that took Adam’s mom’s life. However, in the end, Adam confesses that he was the one driving the car.

“Choice one-ROCK: You decide to go away with the lady who caused your mother’s accident.

Choice two – PAPER: You leave by yourself and come to see me and Bob at our little house. We are looking forward to seeing you, and I really hope we can all be together once more.

Choice three – SCISSORS: Trust me, you do not want to hear about the third choice.

It sounds like the book had many surprises towards the end, but you were able to catch on to the hints early, so the reveals did not really surprise you. That is quite perceptive of you. If you would like to discuss any specific details or have more content you need help with, feel free to share.

Which aspects did I predict?

To put it simply, the big twist is that Amelia was not the one who wrote the letters. Instead, it was the wife who was involved in the accident with his mother. Moreover, Adam, well, he used a pretty weak excuse for cheating, saying he could not tell who it was because he thought it was his wife. 

I did not get the following bits:

  • In simpler terms, the story reveals that the wife was actually the daughter of the author, which becomes clear through Robin’s flashbacks. Also, it turns out Adam was responsible for his mother’s death, adding a complex twist to the plot.

Some Questions

How did the reader predict the twist? 

The reader, an English major and avid reader, noticed patterns and clues such as the significance of personal letters and the absence of the letter writer’s name, which hinted at a false identity.

What clues were noticed? 

Early in the rock paper scissors book, the reader suspected the letters signed “your wife” were not from Adam’s current wife, Amelia. The introduction of a character named Robin and her knowledge of Adam’s history were also key clues.

Did the reader miss any clues? 

Yes, the reader admits to missing some minor details that became apparent only after knowing the rock paper scissors book’s ending, such as Robin being the author’s daughter and Amelia’s betrayal. The reader suggests a second reading might reveal more subtle hints.

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