Kindle Points: What They Are And How To Use Them

kindle points

People who shop online often end up on Amazon. It is a big store on the internet where you can buy almost anything, but it started out by selling books. Today, Amazon is still a good place to find books to have as physical copies. It is also popular among those who like reading ebooks and have bought Amazon’s Kindle to read them.

For those who like to read, especially on a Kindle, buying books from Amazon could be a good idea. The prices are usually low, and they are even lower for Kindle ebooks, which you can read on the Kindle or a phone app. Plus, when you buy books, you get Kindle Points that you can use later.

What are Kindle Points?

When you sign in to Amazon and search for a book, you might see different ways to buy it, like a real book, an ebook for Kindle, or an audiobook. If you buy the book in a way you can read (not listen to), you get Kindle Points. These points are part of a special program for people who love books.

You get Kindle Points based on how much the book costs. For every dollar you spend on a real book, you get one point. However, if you buy an ebook for Kindle, you get three points for every dollar. Sometimes, there are special deals that let you get even more points.

The rules say you can get up to 200 points for each book, or 400 points on special days when they give extra points. However, right now, you cannot get points for buying school books, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks, or other online subscriptions.

How to do Kindle Points redeeming

Amazon has a special program called Kindle Rewards that is still being tested. Only some people can use it right now. To see if you can get points when you buy books, go to the book’s page on Amazon. If it says “You Earn: X pts” under the price, you can get points. You can also search “Kindle rewards” in the Amazon app or check the Kindle Rewards website to see if you have points.

For every 300 points you get, Amazon gives you $3 to use on certain Kindle books. You can only use your points on the Amazon website when you have at least 300 points. The website will tell you if you need more points to get the $3.

The website will also show you if any of your points are going to expire soon and if there are any special deals to get more points. Points you got before June 1, 2023, last for six months. Points you get after that date last for three months.

Shop With Points vs. Kindle Rewards points

Kindle Rewards is a special bonus for people who buy books on Amazon. Shop With Points is about using points from your credit card when you buy things on Amazon. You get these points by using certain credit cards to shop, and you can use them on Amazon if your card works with the program.

Here is how to set up Shop With Points:

  • Open Amazon’s Shop With Points page on your internet browser.
  •  Choose your credit card’s rewards program from the list.
  •  Click “Link your rewards account.”
  •  Pick “Link your card” and do what the screen says to finish signing up. If you already have a card in your Amazon Wallet that works with this, the points should show up in your Shop With Points account. 
  • When you buy something on Amazon, pick the payment method with the rewards program at checkout. It will show how many points you have. You can use all your points or just some of them.

But, you can’t use Shop With Points for things like digital downloads, Apple Care, apps from the Amazon Appstore, Subscribe & Save orders, phones with plans, groceries from Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market, or renting textbooks. You also cannot use it for digital music or quick purchases with Buy Now or 1-Click, except if you are getting Kindle ebooks.

How to Maximize Kindle Rewards of Amazon

The Kindle Rewards program is still being tested and is good for people who read a lot or like to read many different books. Even though getting $3 to spend on a Kindle book might not seem like much, you can get points in other ways, too. Sometimes, Amazon lets you get more points than usual when you buy books. They might also give you special extra points just for you.

To keep track of your points, save the Kindle Rewards page on your internet browser. Also, sign up for emails from Kindle Rewards. This way, you will know when you can get more points and if anything about the program changes.

Some Questions

What are Kindle Points? 

Kindle Points are part of Amazon’s Kindle Rewards program. You earn points for buying Kindle books and print books. For Kindle books, you get 5 points per dollar, and for print books, 2 points per dollar.

How can I check my Kindle Points balance? 

You can check your Kindle Points balance by visiting the Kindle Rewards page on Amazon’s website. Log in to your account, and your points will be displayed.

What can I use Kindle Points for? 

You can redeem every 300 Kindle Points for a $3 credit to spend on eligible Kindle book titles.

Are there any bonuses or promotions? 

Yes, Amazon may offer bonus points or promotions where you can earn double or triple points on certain dates.

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