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Spiderman has an impressive lineup of spiderman villains, even Batman and the X-Men. Sony has invested heavily in creating a cinematic universe around these baddies. While Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, and Venom get most of the spotlight, even lesser-known characters like the Spot have become significant threats.

However, not all Spiderman villains are winners. Some need to be corrected. Even if we exclude the disastrous Clone Saga, Spiderman still has a surplus of lackluster foes. These characters are so not that well known that their main purpose seems to be getting defeated in crossover events.

Top The Worst Spiderman

Here are some worst spiderman villains of all time; have a look one-by-one:

The Gibbon

On the first page of Amazing Spiderman #110, written by Stan Lee and illustrated by John Romita, the comic boldly introduces a new superstar in the Marvel Universe. Stan Lee, known for his enthusiastic statements, praises Spiderman’s latest adversary. However, this praise is as exaggerated as everything else he says about Spiderman. 

The antagonist in question is Martin Blank, a mutant who gains incredible agility and strength but is cursed with an animalistic appearance, making him an outcast.

In essence, Martin Blank is like the Beast, but less interesting. His initial appearance carries a sense of melancholy, but subsequent writers have struggled to maintain that depth. Over time, the Gibbon becomes a punching bag, joining other forgettable spiderman villains in what is humorously called “The Legion of Losers.” 

Eventually, he even turns into a good guy to secure his own action figures. Unfortunately, the Gibbon meets his demise at the hands of Kraven in the “Hunted” storyline, attempting to give him a touch of dignity in his final moments. However, it is a case of too little, too late.

White Rabbit

Spiderman already has a couple of lady spiderman villains with white hair, and one of them even has an animal theme. Meanwhile, Batman has explored the Alice in Wonderland concept with characters like the Mad Hatter, Tweedle-Dee, Tweedle-Dum, and Cheshire. However, this did not stop J.M. DeMatteis from introducing Dr. Lorina Dodson, also known as the White Rabbit.

DeMatteis, who understands quirky superheroes, might have intended White Rabbit to be a humorous addition. In her debut appearance in Marvel Team-Up #131 (1983), illustrated by Kerry Gammill and inked by Mike Esposito, she robs a burger joint. 

Moreover, guess who teams up with Spidey to take down the White Rabbit? Frog Man is arguably the most obscure villain of all time.

Since then, the White Rabbit has had some more notable adventures, facing not only Spiderman but also Wolverine and Black Cat. However, in every other scenario, she ends up teaming with more formidable villains like Arcade or the Beetle. On her own, White Rabbit’s ambitions seem straight out of a wonderland.

The Kangaroo

It is hard to believe, but two different characters in the Marvel Comic Universe have been called Kangaroo. The second one, Brian Hibbs, is kind of a funny character, starting with his debut in 1993’s Cage #13, and even in his later stories where he tries to be a hero.

However, the original Kangaroo was even more ridiculous. Unlike Hibbs, who had a pretty cool mechanical suit, the first Kangaroo, Frank Oliver, just wore a fuzzy vest and liked to jump a lot. Created by Stan Lee, John Romita, and Sal Buscema in 1970’s Amazing Spiderman #81, Kangaroo’s backstory is really straightforward. 

He is an Australian bad guy who mimicked kangaroos to learn how to fight before coming to the US to commit crimes. He did not show up much before he was replaced by Hibbs, who was less of an embarrassment.


Typeface is an unusual kind of bad guy in the world of spiderman villains. He is not the typical dark and brooding type, he does not have a tragic backstory with a lost family, and he is not an alien-like creature. Still, he is not exactly a great villain. 

In the comic Peter Parker: Spiderman #23 from 2000, created by Paul Jenkins and artists Mark Buckingham, Dan Green, and Rodney Ramos, we meet Gordon Thomas. He is a former soldier who became a sign maker and then lost his mind a bit after losing his job. He decided to call himself Typeface because he stuck letters all over his face.

It might seem mean to include Typeface in a list of bad spiderman villains because he did not show up much before Venom killed him during a big superhero fight called the Civil War. However, a villain who wears letters on his face and uses sharp letter-shaped weapons to fight Spiderman is kind of asking to be laughed at.

The Hypno-Hustler

Marvel has always aimed to stay relevant to the world. Sometimes, this leads to characters that capture the spirit of the times, like the original Marvel heroes. Other times, it results in characters like the Hypno-Hustler. 

The Hypno-Hustler first appeared in 1978’s Peter Parker: Spiderman #24, created by Bill Mantlo and Frank Springer. His real name is Antoine Delsoin, and he uses advanced technology to control people’s minds.

The Hypno-Hustler’s style fits perfectly with the disco era when he debuted. He performed at a club where Betty Brant, Peter, and Harry Osborn went to have a good time. However, since that initial appearance, the Hypno-Hustler has only shown up a few more times, often as a humorous addition in books like the Axis: Hobgoblin series and a two-issue arc in Spiderman’s Tangled Web.


Thanks to two popular movies, the Spider-Verse has become well-known. However, there is a part of the Spider-Verse that is not famous: The Inheritors. They are a vampire family that is the main villain in the Spider-Verse comics. People do not know about the Inheritors because they are not very interesting, especially Morlun, the leader.

J. Michael Strazynski created Morlun and first showed up in 2001 in Amazing Spiderman #30, with art by John Romita Jr. and Scott Hanna. Morlun and the Inheritors chase after Spider-Totems across different worlds to use their energy. 

Even though this idea could be interesting, Morlun just looks like a boring, old-fashioned vampire. Most people have not seen him yet, but since Morlun’s rival Ezekiel Sims is in the Madame Web movie, Morlun might be in movies soon, too.

The Grizzly

If you were to make a costume for a bad guy named Grizzly, you might think of using bear-like features such as brown fur and claws. You might also consider adding different colors, a logo, or even a proper mask. However, that is not what Ross Andru, the artist who first drew Grizzly in 1974’s Amazing Spiderman #139, decided to do. 

It is written by Gerry Conway and inked by Frank Giacoia and Dave Hunt, they dressed Grizzly in a large bear outfit that left his face visible through the mouth, similar to a character from the movie Midsommar.

The costume is a good fit for the character, who is not very creative. Grizzly has appeared many times since the 1970s, playing both hero and villain roles. He has tried to become better by working with Ant-Man and the Ravencroft Institute, but he has also accidentally fallen back into villainy.


Who is considered Spiderman’s arch-nemesis? 

 The Green Goblin, also known as Norman Osborn, is often considered Spiderman’s main enemy. He is super smart and has lots of dangerous weapons, like pumpkin bombs.

Which villain is known for his black suit and razor-sharp teeth? 

Venom is famous for his scary black suit and sharp teeth. He is really strong and quick and can do a lot of the same stuff Spiderman can.

Can you name a lesser-known spiderman villains enemies? 

 One not-so-famous spiderman villains is Fusion. He has two heads because of a lab accident with twin brothers named Hubert and Pinky Fusser.

Who was responsible for Uncle Ben’s death in Spiderman’s story? 

 Uncle Ben died because of a burglar named Dennis Carradine. This event was a huge turning point in Peter Parker’s life.

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