THE Last Thing He Told Me Review

Last Thing He Told Me Review

The Last Thing He Told Me is a book by Laura Dave. She is a famous writer and her book will be a TV show with Julia Roberts. The book is exciting and sad. It is good for people who like Liane Moriarty and Celeste Ng. In this article, we are going to discuss Last Thing He Told Me review and more. So, let us get started:

What is the Book, Last Thing He Told Me, About?

The book is about Hannah and Owen. They are married, but Owen goes missing. He leaves a note for Hannah that says, ” Protect her. ” He means his daughter, Bailey. Bailey is sixteen, and she does not like Hannah. She lost her mom when she was little.

Hannah tries to find Owen, but she learns that he was in trouble. He lied about who he was and what he did. Hannah and Bailey have to work together to find out the truth. They learn things that change their lives forever.

What Did I Think of the Book?

I liked this book a lot. It was easy to read and it made me want to know what happened next. The book had two parts: now and before. The new part was about Hannah and Bailey looking for Owen. The before part was about how they met and what happened to them. I liked the before part because it helped me understand the characters better.

The book was about family and secrets. It was also about love and trust. I think the book showed how people can be different from what they seem. It also showed how people can help each other in hard times. I think the book had a good message and a good ending.

In her book, Laura Dave spends a lot of time talking about the characters and their relationships. We see how Bailey and Hannah’s relationship changes as the story goes on. This is the best part of The Last Thing He Told Me review. It is interesting to see how a stubborn and distant teenager does not want to let her new stepmom into her life.

However, as they work together to find out what happened to Owen, they start to get closer. The growing relationship between Bailey and Hannah is strong and it is nice to see how they start to understand each other better. Dave did a good job with this part of her book.

The Mystery in the Story

When it comes to the mystery in the story, Dave really fooled me. I had some ideas about why Owen left so suddenly, but I could not figure it out in the end! The author includes some surprises, shocks, turns, twists, and reveals that keep you guessing. The ending was very touching and I did not expect the book to end this way. Laura Dave has written a great suspense story.


Domestic noir is a type of story that is becoming more popular. The Last Thing He Told Me review is a story that fits well into the suspense genre/ domestic crime. I highly recommend Laura Dave’s book, and I can not wait to watch the miniseries when it comes out.

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