Book Review: The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

the paris apartment

Jess is in need of a new beginning. She has no money, no companions, and she just left her job under unfavorable conditions. Her half-brother Ben did not seem excited when she asked if she could stay with him for a while, but he did not refuse, and she is hopeful that things will improve once she is in Paris. 

However, when she arrives and finds a luxurious apartment, she wonders if Ben could really afford such a place. However, Ben is nowhere to be found.

As more time passes without any sign of Ben, Jess begins to investigate her brother’s situation, leading to more and more questions. Ben’s neighbours are a diverse group and not very welcoming. Jess might have come to Paris to run away from her past, but it seems like it is Ben’s future that is now uncertain.

The high-society lady, the kind-hearted man, the person struggling with alcohol, the girl on the edge, and the building manager. They are all neighbors. They are all suspects. Moreover, they all know something that they are not sharing.

This book has sparked mixed reactions within the reading community. Many people I spoke with either loved it or thought it was very bad. For me, it had all the elements I look for in a suspenseful thriller. Foley masterfully creates the mood of this tense, dramatic mystery set in a spooky Parisian apartment inhabited by deceptive liars with some really dark secrets.

Yes, it takes time to build up, but the group of dubious characters are fascinating enough to keep you engaged. Foley’s writing is so engaging that you can almost feel the stifling heat of the Paris summer, and riots erupting in the city. She does a fantastic job of depicting the filth and corruption hidden behind the image of the iconic ‘city of love’.

While I usually dislike novels with multiple points of view and was worried when I saw that The Paris Apartment switched between the perspectives of more than five characters, I thought it flowed really well. Foley tried to keep the main plot of Jess trying to find out what happened to Ben moving along while giving us a glimpse into the mysterious residents of the building who are trying to hinder Jess’ efforts. 

I was surprised by how much I loved the insight into the mind of fancy characters like Sophie, along with confusing narratives of Mimi and Nick.

In the last part of the novel, Foley finally speeds up the plot. As the secrets of each dysfunctional character are revealed, it is hard to look away. It is almost like a Parisian version of An Inspector Calls, as every single resident of the building plays some role in the mysterious disappearance of Ben, Jess’ journalist brother. It is a vivid and turbulent thriller that has me eager to read more by Lucy Foley.


What is ‘The Paris Apartment’? 

It is a book that you can read for fun or to enjoy a good story.

Who wrote it? 

A writer named Lucy Foley created this book.

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