What is a freelance Writer? How to become the one?

what is a freelancer writer

If you are passionate about writing and yearn for a platform to express your creativity, you might be curious about monetizing your writing skills as a part-time or even a full-time endeavor.

Indeed, it is possible to make a living from writing, even without any official experience, and starting as a freelancer is an excellent first step.

Entering the freelance writing market might seem daunting at first, but with the right guidance, you can prepare yourself for success and secure your initial writing assignment fastly. In this article, we are going to discuss all about what is a freelance writer and know how can you become the one:

What is a Freelance Writer? 

A freelance writer is someone who writes for various clients, without being permanently employed by any one company. It is like being your own boss, where you get to choose what you write about, when you work, and who you work for.

Freelance Writing vs. Contract Writing

  • Freelance Writing: In freelancer writing, you are self-employed and find your own clients. You have the freedom to work on different projects for different clients.
  •  Contract Writing: You are hired by a company for a set period to complete a specific project. You might have less control over what you write about.

Job Responsibilities of a Freelance Writer

  • Writing: Crafting articles, blogs, or other written content.
  •  Research: Gathering information to make your writing factual and credible.
  •  Editing: Refining your drafts to improve clarity and correctness.
  •  Marketing: Promoting your services to find new clients.
  •  Networking: Building relationships with clients and other writers.
  •  Time Management: Organizing your schedule to meet deadlines.

Landing Freelance Writing Jobs with No Experience

  • Start a Blog: Showcase your writing skills and interests.
  •  Use Social Media: Share your work and connect with potential clients.
  •  Offer Free Work: Gain experience and build your portfolio by doing some initial projects for free or at a low cost.
  •  Join Freelance Platforms: Websites like Upwork or Fiverr can be a good starting point to find jobs.

Tips for Breaking into the Freelance Writing Industry

  • Read and Write Daily: Improve your skills by practicing and consuming good writing.
  •  Take Writing Courses: Learn the basics of good writing and editing.
  •  Understand SEO: Knowing how to optimize content for search engines can make you more valuable to clients.
  •  Be Professional: Always deliver quality work on time, and communicate effectively with clients.

Where to get freelance writing jobs

Finding freelance writing jobs can be a journey of its own, but here are some steps and places to start your search:

  • Online Freelance Platforms: Websites like offer a number of freelance writing jobs. You can create a profile, showcase your portfolio, and bid on projects that match your skills.
  •  Job Boards: There are job boards dedicated to freelance writing jobs, such as and . These can be great resources for finding new opportunities.
  •  Social Media: Platforms like LinkedIn can be useful for networking and discovering job openings. Sometimes, simply having a well-optimized profile can attract potential clients.
  •  Content Mills: While they often pay less, content mills can provide a steady stream of work and are a good place to practice your skills.
  •  Direct Outreach: Identify websites, magazines, or businesses you would like to write for and pitch them directly. This proactive approach can lead to long-term collaborations.
  •  Networking: Join writing groups or forums to connect with other writers and industry professionals. Often, jobs are shared within these communities before they are made public.

Freelance job boards

There are several online platforms where you can find freelance writing jobs. Here are some of the most popular freelance job boards:

  • Upwork: One of the largest and most well-known platforms for freelancers. You can find a variety of writing jobs across different industries here.
  • ProBlogger: A great place for bloggers and content writers to find writing gigs, especially in the blogging and content marketing space.
  • Freelance Writing Gigs: This job board is updated regularly with new writing opportunities.

These platforms are a good starting point to look for freelance writing jobs. 

Content-writing platforms

If you are looking for platforms to start your content writing journey, here are some recommended places where you can find writing jobs and opportunities:

  • : A platform that connects writers with businesses in need of high-quality content.
  •  : A large marketplace where you can bid on various writing projects.
  •  : A job board specifically for blogging and content writing jobs.
  •  : Offers a range of writing services and allows you to work on diverse content creation projects.
  •  : Provides access to a variety of freelance writing jobs with regular payouts.

What are some common mistakes to avoid as a beginner freelance writer?

As a beginner freelance writer, here are some common mistakes to avoid:

  1. Not Following Up: After sending your pitch, do not just wait for a response. Follow up after a week or so to remind potential clients of your proposal
  2.  Weak Pitches: Ensure your pitch is strong and showcases your skills. Avoid phrases that highlight your inexperience, like “I’m new” or “I’m still learning”
  3.  Lack of Niche Focus: Trying to cover every topic can be overwhelming. It is often more effective to specialize in a specific niche
  4.  Ignoring Marketing: As a freelancer, you need to market your services to attract clients. Do not neglect this crucial part of the job
  5.  Poor Time Management: Managing your time effectively is key to meeting deadlines and keeping clients happy
  6.  Not Learning SEO: Understanding Search Engine Optimization can make your content more valuable to clients

Short FAQs

What is a freelance writer? 

A freelance writer is someone who writes articles, blogs, or other content for different clients, without working full-time for one employer.

How do I start as a freelance writer? 

Begin by writing samples to show your skills, create an online profile, and look for writing jobs on freelance platforms or job boards.

Do I need a degree to be a freelance writer? 

No, you do not need a specific degree. What is important is your ability to write well and communicate ideas clearly.

How do I find clients?

 You can find clients by networking, using social media, joining freelance job platforms, and sending pitches to companies you want to write for.

Can I make a living as a freelance writer? 

Yes, many freelance writers earn a good income. It takes time to build up clients and work, but it is possible to make a living.

Is freelance writing competitive? 

Yes, it can be competitive, but there is also a lot of demand for good writers. Specializing in a niche can help you stand out.

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