My Husband’s Killer by Laura Marshall

My Husband’s Killer

Author: Laura Marshall

Title: My Husband’s Killer

Publisher: Hachette Australia

Published: November 29th 2022

Genres: Crime, Mystery, Fiction, Contemporary

Pages: 352

RRP: $32.99

Rating: 4 stars

This is a new and exciting book by the author of Friend Request, which was a bestseller in the Sunday Times. Seven of us went to a villa on the Amalfi Coast, looking forward to a sunny weekend with our oldest friends – and one new person.

By the time the weekend was over, a horrible accident would have killed my husband. However, how can I grieve for him when I find out he was cheating on me on the day of his funeral? The only ones who could have done it were the women I went on holiday with. My dearest and longest friends.

Do I really want to find out what my husband was hiding? Do I really want to know who stabbed me in the back? Moreover, as I begin to uncover their secrets, do I still think his death was an accident?


Laura Marshall is a Kindle No. 1 bestselling author. I liked Marshall’s first book, Friend Request, in 2018, and have two more books to read. I got My Husband’s Killer from Hachette Australia as a review copy. It is a twisty, addictive, confusing and hard-to-put-down book. It is a great book for people who like psychological suspense.

My Husband’s Killer is about a group of old friends from university who meet for a weekend on the Amalfi Coast. All seven of them are ready to have fun and relax for the weekend. However, something terrible and unexpected happens, and one of them dies, breaking the bond of this close group. However, secrets come out when it turns out that the dead person is having an affair. Soon, everyone who was there on the holiday is a possible killer. Who can commit murder and betrayal?

Laura Marshall is a writer from Kent who is famous for her book Friend Request. Her books have been sold in many countries around the world. She is back with another amazing new book: My Husband’s Killer. It is a sharp and addictive mystery that will attract all fans of domestic thrillers.

The story is told by six different characters over the course of the book. My Husband’s Killer is a detailed thriller. It took me some time to get to know the different characters in this book, their traits, goals, fears and possible reasons for killing a friend. Once I got into the flow of Marshall’s book, I did not stop. I finished it in just two sessions. My Husband’s Killer is a fast-paced story with short chapters that keep you hooked. 

Laura Marshall’s My Husband’s Killer shows that this British writer is very good at writing modern psychological suspense books.

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