The House Across the Lake by Riley Sager

the house across the lake

Book: The House Across the Lake

Author of this book: Riley Sager

Publisher: Hachette Australia

Published: July 12th 2022

Genres: Thriller, Suspense, Fiction, Contemporary

Pages: 320

Rating: 4 starsa

RRP: $32.99

What is this book all about?

This is a very exciting new book by a famous writer. It is like two other books that are also very exciting and scary. People who like Ruth Ware and Stephen King will like this book, too.

Casey Fletcher is an actress who lost her husband. She went to her family’s house by the lake to be alone and calm. She was drinking a lot and thinking about her life when she saw a beautiful couple on the other side of the lake. They looked so happy just like Casey and her husband were before. However, are they really happy?

Casey has a police officer sitting at her table. She has a man tied up and quiet upstairs. Casey will find out secrets so big and bad that everything will change forever.

Riley Sager is a very popular writer who wrote this book. It is his best book yet. He writes about people who are smart and exciting but also in trouble and scared. The book has many surprises that will make you gasp. The House Across the Lake will shock you from the beginning to the end.

Review of the book

This is what someone thought about a book by Riley Sager, who is a famous writer of scary books. The book is called The House Across the Lake, and it is very exciting and scary.

The book is about Casey Fletcher, a woman who is very sad because her husband died and her work is not going well. She goes to her family’s house by the lake to relax, but she sees something strange at another house across the lake. She sees a couple doing things that look weird and bad. She does not know if they are real or if she is imagining them.

The person who wrote this review has read five of the six books by Riley Sager. They like Riley Sager a lot and they wanted to read this book as soon as it came out. They bought the book right away. They liked the book, but more than another book by Riley Sager called Lock Every Door.

They said that the book reminded them of other books that have people who tell stories that are not true. Casey is like that, too. She does not know what is real and what is not. They liked how Riley Sager wrote the book, but they did not think it was his best book. They liked the book’s second half more than the first half because it was more interesting and made them want to read more.



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