Yoto Player : A Complete Guide for Families

yoto player

The Yoto Player is a audio device designed for children, offering a screen-free experience for enjoying podcasts, music, and audiobooks. It’s akin to a modern boombox or CD player, but with a focus on simplicity for kids.

How it works?

To use the Yoto Player, you insert small cards into the top slot, which then play the content stored on them. There’s also a built-in radio station and a daily podcast accessible at the push of a button. The Yoto Mini, a more portable and affordable version, lacks the nightlight feature of the standard Yoto Player.

Comparison with Other Devices 

When compared to the Tonie Box, the Yoto Player stands out for its features and ease of use. It is not directly comparable to a Kindle, which is primarily for ebooks, as the Yoto focuses on audio content. For families who want a screen-free and independent option for their children, the Yoto Player is an excellent choice.

Content and Customization 

The Yoto Player allows for a wide range of content, including the ability to create your own cards with audio from sources like Libro. fm. Managing the cards is easy with Yoto card cases, and there is a variety of content suitable for different age groups, from toddlers to pre-teens.

Yoto Club Subscription 

Yoto Club is a subscription service that provides two cards per month, along with discounts and free shipping on orders. It is a great way to build a collection of Yoto cards, and the cards included in the subscription are of high quality.

Purchasing and Pricing 

Yoto cards can be purchased directly from Yoto, with prices ranging from $3.99 to $19.99. Some libraries also stock Yoto cards, and they are durable, similar to credit cards in thickness and robustness.

What age group is the Yoto Player suitable for?

The Yoto Player is suitable for a wide age range. Here you can check:

  • Best Age Range: Ideal for children aged 2-12 years, but even a 13-year-old still enjoys using it, especially for podcast cards.
  • Ease of Use: It is designed to be user-friendly, allowing even a 2-year-old to operate it independently.
  • Content Variety: It offers a vast range of content suitable for both younger and older kids, with new cards being added regularly.

Other Features and Benefits 

Aside from audio playback, the Yoto Player offers features like an “okay to wake” display, a white noise machine, and alarm functionality. It is easy to control, has adjustable volume and reading speed, and can be used as a Bluetooth speaker to stream content from other devices.


The Yoto Player is a beloved device for its independence and ease of use, allowing even young children to choose and play their desired content without assistance. It is a fantastic tool for fostering a love for audio storytelling and music in a screen-free environment. 

For those considering a Yoto Player for their family, it is a purchase that offers endless entertainment and educational value.


What is a Yoto Player? 

A Yoto Player is a special kind of audio player made just for kids. It plays stories, music, and other fun audio without needing a screen. Kids can use it all by themselves.

How does the Yoto Player work? 

The Yoto Player works by putting little cards into it. Each card has a story or song. When you put the card in, the Yoto Player will start playing what’s on the card.

Is the Yoto Player easy to use? 

Yes, it is very easy. Even little kids can use it. There are buttons to press to make it play, stop, or change the volume. It is made so kids can use it without help.

What can you listen to on a Yoto Player? 

You can listen to lots of things. There are cards with stories, music, educational stuff, and even a radio. You can also make your own cards with your favourite songs or stories.

Is there a special club for Yoto Player? 

Yes, there is a Yoto Club. If you join, you get new cards sent to you every month. Plus, you get discounts and free shipping when you buy more cards.

How much do the cards cost? 

The cards have different prices. Some are $3.99, and some are $19.99. It depends on what is on the card. Some libraries have them too, so you can check there.

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