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best history podcasts

Many people think the first podcast was “IT Conversations” by Doug Kaye, which was available from 2003 to 2012. A year after it started, Ben Hammersley, a writer for The Guardian, discussed this emerging trend and ended up naming it. He wondered whether to call it Audioblogging, Podcasting, or GuerillaMedia. Luckily, the magazine you are reading is not named Audioblogging Reviews.

Now, let us talk about podcasts that cover history. You are probably looking for ones that really grab your attention. What makes these best history podcasts special? Well, each one makes intelligent choices about what to talk about, no matter the subject or how they present it. 

Some highlight parts of history that do not get much attention, while others give fresh takes on well-known historical events. Every one of these best history podcasts gives you a deep understanding of history in an enjoyable way.

The Rest is History

Do you often think about ancient empires like the Roman Empire? The creators of “The Rest is History” podcast probably do a lot. This British show does not just stop at Rome; it explores all empires throughout history. It is a classic example of one of the best history podcasts.

The podcast dives into historical events in a series of short programs. Hosts and historians Tom Holland and Dominic Sandbrook carefully pick apart these events with thoughtful analysis and some fun commentary. Over time, the show has gained a dedicated audience thanks to its regular and reliable episodes. The hosts’ ability to produce so much content is impressive.

Every episode, which lasts about forty minutes, packs in a lot of information and presents it in a way that’s both fun to listen to and easy to understand. It is no surprise that this podcast is a favourite for many history enthusiasts.


“Revolutions” is a podcast that’s easy to understand. It talks about big changes in history where people who were treated unfairly fought back against those in charge. The host, Mike Duncan, talks about these big historical changes with as much excitement as someone talking about their new driveway. And people like it.

The podcast has been going strong for ten seasons with more than 100 episodes. People keep listening to “Revolutions” because it’s not loud or overly simple. It’s different from the fast news we hear every day.

The podcast takes its time, pays attention to the small things, and is very detailed. It’s great for listeners who like the podcast “Philosophize This!” by Stephen West.

Even if you do not have a favorite thinker, you might end up with a favorite historical event after listening to “Revolutions.”


When a new season of “Blowback” comes out, we make sure to listen. If you have followed the show before, you will understand why. However, let me explain anyway. “Blowback” is a podcast that dives into recent political history. It calls itself “a podcast about the American Empire.” The latest season focuses on Afghanistan, specifically America’s actions there before and after 9/11.

Even from afar, hearing the sounds of those attacks in the first episode of season four is chilling. “Blowback” gives you a similar feeling to watching shows like “The West Wing” and “All The President’s Men.” It is entertaining, gripping, and a bit unsettling.

You Must Remember This

The podcast “You Must Remember This,” picked as one of the top podcasts in 2018, guides its audience through the wild tales, shocking events, and lost narratives of classic Hollywood. Karina Longworth, the host, has brought to light over 200 episodes’ worth of Hollywood stories that often turn out to be different from what we thought we knew.

Movies like “Babylon” and “Hail, Caesar!” show that Hollywood loves its own legends and controversies just as much as the rest of us. Longworth’s dual role as an author and movie reviewer adds depth to “You Must Remember This.”

Matt Seaton recently called the podcast a collection of “podcast-essays” that are told like tales. What you get is a thoroughly researched exploration of the enduring tales of Hollywood that captivate us generation after generation.

In Our Time

Forgot to mind King Charles. Melvyn Bragg is the true elder of the British nation. Need convincing? Bragg has been steering the ship at ‘In Our Time’ since 1998, racking up over 900 episodes so far. In comparison, Charles III has held his position for only a fraction of that time, receiving far less respect.

‘In Our Time’ is a British radio show and podcast hosted by Bragg, broadcast live on BBC Radio 4. It is like an academic roundtable where they delve into various topics, from the Knights Templar to the Dead Sea Scrolls. If you think of a niche subject, chances are they have already discussed it.


“Throughline” is a historical podcast and radio program from the American public radio network NPR. Hosted by Rund Abdelfatah and Ramtin Arablouei, it aims to contextualize current events by exploring the historical events that contributed to them. The show delves into topics often overlooked or debated, examining everything from everyday matters to thought-provoking issues.

When discussing the show’s political stance, the hosts take pride in being accused of both too much and too little politics. Their approach has resonated with listeners, making “Throughline” a successful podcast. Whether unravelling stories about monopolies or exploring the rise of the modern white power movement, Abdelfatah and Arablouei stay on course without veering off track.


What Defines the Best History Podcasts? 

Every show on the list stands out due to excellent editorial choices, covering overshadowed periods or proposing new ideas on infamous events, all delivered at a pleasant pace.

Can You Recommend a Podcast Covering Various Empires? 

“The Rest is History” is perfect for those interested in empires, offering careful analysis and light-hearted commentary on historical events.

Is There a Podcast Focused on Political Uprisings? 

“Revolutions” explores moments when oppressed populations overthrew their rulers, delivering nuanced episodes with steady pacing.

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