Rebecca Yarros Books In Order

rebecca yarros books

If you’re just getting to know Rebecca Yarros, get ready for a wonderful experience. As a military spouse for two decades, a mother of six, and someone who loves love stories, she brings her own experiences to the pages of her books. Her characters are down-to-earth and truly believable, and her tales are filled with romance, fun, and a bit of excitement.

If this is the kind of thing you enjoy, then you’re in for good news. She has been writing a lot of books since 2014, including five series, some of which are top sellers, and seven individual books. We have organized all of Rebecca Yarros’ books for you here.

So, if you’re trying to decide which Rebecca Yarros books to pick up first, your search ends here.

Rebecca Yarros Books In Order

Here is the list of Rebecca Yarros books in order:

  • Flight & Glory series:
    • Full Measures (2014)
    • Eyes Turned Skyward (2014)
    • Beyond What is Given (2015)
    • Hallowed Ground (2015)
    • Full Measures (2016)
  • Renegade Series:
    • Renegade (2016)
    • Rogue (2017)
    • Riven (2018)
  • Legacy Series:
    • Full Measures (2019)
    • Eyes Turned Skyward (2020)
    • Beyond What is Given (2021)
    • Hallowed Ground (2022)
  • Fourth Wing Series:
    • Fourth Wing (2022)
  • Standalone Novels:
    • The Last Letter (2018)
    • The Things We Leave Unfinished (2020)
    • Iron Flame (2023)

Rebecca Yarros books

Rebecca Yarros is a well known author whose literary works are celebrated for their emotional depth and realistic portrayal of life’s challenges and triumphs. Her books, particularly those in series, are crafted to take readers on a journey through the lives of characters who often face personal and professional trials against the backdrop of military life. Here’s an in-depth look at her series and standalone novels:

Flight & Glory Series 

This series is a testament to the strength and resilience of love amidst the trials of military life. It starts with Full Measures, a poignant tale of Ember Howard, who, after the death of her military father, finds solace and unexpected love with Josh Walker. The series continues with Eyes Turned Skyward, where Paisley Donovan, despite her heart condition, starts on a journey of self-discovery and romance with Jagger Bateman. 

Beyond What is Given features Lt. Grayson Masters and Samantha Fitzgerald, whose intense connection is tested by personal secrets and the demands of military service. Hallowed Ground concludes the original series with a powerful narrative about the enduring love between Josh and Ember as they navigate the uncertainties of war.

Renegade Series

 The Renegade Series is an adrenaline-infused adventure into the world of extreme sportsWilder kicks off the series with Leah Baxter, who becomes the tutor of the enigmatic extreme sports star, Paxton Wilder, leading to a romance filled with excitement and passion. 

The series progresses with Nova, which follows the story of Landon Rhodes as he attempts to reclaim the heart he once shattered. Rebel completes the series with the tale of Penna Carstairs, an extreme sports athlete whose defiance of norms leads her to unexpected places.

Legacy Series 

The Legacy Series revisits the cherished characters from the Flight & Glory series, offering readers a deeper insight into their lives. It includes Point of Origin and Ignite, which delve into the backstories and futures of the characters, enriching the original narrative with new layers of complexity.

Empyrean Series 

Empyrean Series marks Yarros’ venture into fantasy, beginning with Fourth Wing, set in a world where dragon riders are trained at Basgiath War College. The protagonist, Violet Sorrengail, must navigate the treacherous training and political machinations of this new world. 

The series continues with Iron Flame, which follows Violet’s journey as she faces new challenges and adversaries. The upcoming Onyx Storm promises to further expand the fantastical universe Yarros has created.

Standalone Novels 

Yarros has also penned several standalone novels, each a unique story in its own right. The Last Letter is a heart-wrenching narrative about Ella MacKenzie, who raises her deceased brother’s twins and finds unexpected support from Beckett Gentry. 

The Things We Leave Unfinished explores the unfinished novel of a World War II romance and its impact on the descendants of the original characters. Iron Flame continues the story of Violet Sorrengail, blending elements of fantasy and adventure.

Each book in Yarros’ collection offers a unique blend of heartfelt emotion and gripping narrative, often reflecting her own experiences as a military spouse. Her characters are crafted with depth and authenticity, making each story a memorable journey for readers. 

Whether you’re looking for contemporary romance or fantastical adventure, Yarros’ books provide a compelling escape with stories that linger long after the last page is turned.

Some Questions

What is the complete order of Rebecca Yarros books?

Rebecca Yarros has written over two dozen novels across more than five series, single-standing novels, and collections of short stories. Her books can be read in publication order or chronological order.

What are the main series by Rebecca Yarros?

Rebecca Yarros has written several series, including the Flight & Glory series, the Eyes Turned Skyward series, and the Hallowed Ground series, among others.

What are some popular books by Rebecca Yarros?

Some popular books by Rebecca Yarros include “Full Measures”, “Eyes Turned Skyward”, “Beyond What is Given”, and “Hallowed Ground”.

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